Artist Set Up Instructions

Here’s how to go about setting up an Artist Page

First, click on the Sign Up button at the top of the page.

This will take you to this screen:

Bands on Demand User Signup

Enter your details. You can choose whatever user name you like, but your band name is probably preferable.

Once you’ve entered the details (don’t forget to agree to the Terms and Conditions), you’ll be taken to your first profile page.

Please enter a correct email address. Don’t worry we don’t pass on details to anyone else and will only use your address for information about the site or to notify you about bookings and payments etc.

Upgrade to artist account image

On this page you’ll see the option to upgrade to an artist account. This is because up until this point the site user sign up is common between artist and clients. This is now where the magic happens, so click on that button!

You’ll now be asked to confirm. Again, this is so that clients don’t accidentally create artist accounts and then are unable to book Artists! Nobody wants that!

Artist Account Confirmation

Now that your account is set up as an Artist – you have the opportunity to set up your Artist Page. Click on the button when you’re ready (you can come back to this if you need to).

Make sure you have all your details available, especially an image for your Artist Page showing you in all your glory as a performer. This will be the first thing people will notice so make sure it is the best you can get.

Finally you are on the page where you enter all the details.

This will include your contact details, images, as much about yourself as you want, other images, set details.

Make sure you sell yourself!

Also on there is the Price band data. Select one of the price bands for a ‘typical’ set, but actual pricing will be set when the client contacts you directly and confirms their requirements.

And that’s it. You’re good to go.

The Bands on Demand team will be notified you’ve gone live and we’ll take a look at your profile. We might have suggestions for you for improvements and we’ll add some tags and SEO stuff int eh background to help your page show up in Google and other search engines.