Fundraising Gig Opportunity – Whitley Bay

From the organiser:

I am the secretary to my daughters PTA and the current head is leaving in the summer, we want to organise a super final event for her and hopefully raise lots of money for a sports hall at the school. My plan is to host a music festival with a range of bands for about 4 hours on 12th July. The kids are 9-13 and obviously there will be parents etc there so we need a range of music genres to cover. This is all very much in the early stages of planning to see how viable it is. The school is in Seaton Sluice which is near to Whitley Bay in the north east of England.


This is for a junior school fundraiser so costs need to be kept to a minimum. There is a small budget for overheads which will probably cover expenses but not enough to cover full band fees.

If any of you guys are feeling particularly charitable and want to help a good cause, HMU at [email protected]

Obviously there will be no BoD admin fee for this one.

We have no links to this school btw.


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