New Gig Opportunity – Kent

I’m part of an exciting new cafe / bar adventure which is opening in Medway in June.

We are looking for singers / bands to potentially play on a rotational / regular basis at the new venue which is looking to have live music 4 nights a week

We are looking for varied eclectic acts/bands of which you perhaps wouldn’t find in the local medway area.
Budget wise we have is between 250-400 however we are looking at a couple of bigger events where there will be more available.

Please make sure your band page is up to date with as much information as you can. This is a possible repeating gig so worth the effort. Add in highlight videos and make sure your set list is included.

Also, make sure your availability is up to date on your calendar (go to your artist page in My Account and click on Manage Calendar – there is a video post with instructions how to manage the calendar).  Link to the instructions below.

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