Tea Dance – Charity Event- 26/04/20

From the organisers:

Alabare  are hosting a Tea Party based at Wilton Emporium, near Salisbury.

This is not your usual “please play for our pub for free in return for ‘exposure‘ while in the meantime we will make money from our beer sales and we will be paying our bar staff, but expect you to work for nothing” type posts.

This is a genuine charity event run by Alabare. This charity raises money for the homeless from all walks of life including veterans and vulnerable young adults with learning disabilities.

It will be a traditional Tea dance with a high tea. Served by staff serving in black & white uniforms.
Tickets will be on sale at The Wilton Emporium. Entrance by ticket only.
It will be held in the South Newton village hall. Just past The Emporium on the A36 heading towards Warminster.
Starting at 3pm – till 6/6.30pm. On Sunday 26th April.
My thoughts are background music playing as people arrive.
1st act do 45 – 60 mins.
We then serve tea, break of about 60 mins.
2nd act (still to be confirmed) do 45 – 60 mins.
Pack up
The covergirlz’s are doing their vintage sweetheart act, covers of Glen Miller mixed with some rock n roll.
2nd act to do something similar please.
Who goes 1st etc to be arranged.
Our marketing dept will do posters flyers etc and we will inform the local papers and radio stations. We will use Facebook Twitter & Instagram.

If you’re at a loose end, or passing nearby Salisbury on your way to an evening gig, or just want to support such an excellent cause, please let us know what you’re willing to donate in time and your genre.

Click on the link below to express an interest.

Express your interest here:

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