How much does it cost ( I am a Performer)?

If you signed up in 2018, before the full site launch, the registration is free. From then on (or, if you signed up after 2018) the subscription is only £25 per year.

All your content creation, use of the site, reviews, uploading of images, updating your profile, managing your calendar etc is free.

If you make a booking via the site, then there is a £10 booking cost, which will be deducted automatically from your fee by the escrow company, Transpact.

There is an additional fee of £2.99 to pay for the escrow service. This is payable directly to them.

If you add the £12.99 to your regular fee, then you have the whole service for free.

How much does it cost (I am a venue or client)?

The search directory is free.

Booking is free (there is a £10 booking fee paid by the artist)

The escrow service costs £2.99 which is payable directly to Transpact. This site is not paid any commission by Transpact. This is solely to pay for their service.

Why do you use an escrow service for the fees?

This is an important part of the service.

For the artist, this guarantees the money is available before they commit their time and energy and that the client is capable, in good faith, of paying the money.

For the client, this is security of the fee they’ve paid, which isn’t passed to the artist until the contract is complete.

If anything goes wrong, both parties are protected by the escrow service who is registered by the FCA and have a dispute resolution service which is included in the £2.99 fee.

We think this ensures everyone is treated fairly.

Why is the escrow service mandatory?

This protects both parties. See “Why do you use and escrow service?”

How does the escrow service work?

On the initial booking a deposit (30%) is paid into escrow. This confirms the booking.

This deposit remains in escrow until either:

The contract is completed (and it is released with the remainder of the fee)

The artist cancels the booking (full refund of the fee)

The client cancels the booking (released to the artist).

The remainder of the fee must be paid into escrow four weeks before the scheduled date.

The fee remains in escrow until the contract is complete.

This is triggered by the client with a rating of the artist. This releases the fee to the artist.

The fee is not negotiable for anything other than failure to complete the contract, which will be handled by Transpact dispute resolution.