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Luna Blue takes influences from many other artists to create funk infused ambient rock.

luna blue

The guys say this about their upcoming releases:

“This next batch of singles far surpasses anything we’ve released before, having spent a painstaking amount of time crafting and perfecting our work and having been joined by esteemed producer Matthew ‘Studio Chimp’ Parisi who has also worked tirelessly to perfect the songs. They’re more powerful, more addictive and much more finely tuned than anything that we’ve created in the past and we’re sure you will love what we’ve crafted”

Our reviewers, Lia and Joao have seen Luna Blue before they became our reviewers and have been desperate to see them again so they can write up one of their live shows.

In the meantime, we can appease ourselves by reviewing their latest release, Tropical.

This is a catchy ear-worm of a tune with great production standards. While the band cite Red Hot Chilli’s, Don Broco, Jimi Hendrix, and Foals as their influences, I can draw a real parallel with old school bands like Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet. I’m sure the band weren’t influenced by those of course, they sen’t anywhere near old enough, but the similarity is there. If Simon Le Bon or Tony Hadley grew were born at the end of the last century (instead of in the middle), they would want to join Luna Blue.

Before younger readers turn the nose up at the 80s New Romantic reference, Spandau Ballet alone sold 25 million albums and topped the charts in 21 countries and Duran Duran sold over 100 million. This was in the age when you had to make the effort to go to a shop to buy an album and carry it home to your music player of choice before you could listen to it. I know. Difficult to believe.

So, the comparison of Luna Blue to these two is not only highly complimentary, it is also much deserved. We will see great things from this band in future. You heard it here first. Or second. Or maybe more than that. But it least you heard it here before someone famous says it.

So check them out on Spotify now.

Yes, now.

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