This page introduces our reviewers. We have an eclectic bunch who review venues, albums/singles and gigs. If you’re registered on the site and want us to come and review your gig, or if you want to send us your tracks, then drop us a line at [email protected]

Arch and Loren

Husband and Wife team, Arch and Loren like lots of different genres but are the reviewers that are into the heavier, rock and punk stuff. They aren’t shy about telling it like it is but love good sounds. Think System of a Down or the Sex Pistols.

bandsondemand reviewer

Lia and Joao

Lia and Joao are another husband and wife team that like more chilled music and easier listening. Guitar melodies and great vocals are where these cool cats are at. A bit of Jack Johnson anyone?


Our very own musician, artist and DJ. ECSX (pronounced x x) gets a bit deeper into the technical side of the music. A wide range of influences from rap, EDM, festivals and classic rock bands.

But he’s anonymous so there’s no picture. Sorry.

Gary Domoney

Gary likes his gigs to be big. He is our reviewer of the more mainstream artists, festivals, stadiums and large venues, but will wander down among the mortals occasionally.

bandsondemand reviewer