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Far Suns Fall combine all the eclectic influences from Blues, Rock, Alternative and Folk. Added with emotional filled lyrics which make honest music that are poignant as much as they are genuine.

Far Suns Fall

Far Suns Fall are Stas Melian on Lead Guitar, Bob Brockwell on Bass, Dave Valentine on Drums and Chris Sagan on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar.

This is a review of Far Suns Fall track Shape of the World. This is the band’s first track released ahead of their forthcoming album Aphelion on 12 April.

I like to listen to a track a few times as I would normally listen to music before I knuckle down to a review, so I listened to Shape of the World while I was driving around in the car. I always want to see how it makes me feel, who it reminds me of, before I write the review and before I read too much about the band so that I am not influenced by what I read.

Often, particular music relates to a specific place or time for each person if it truly connects with them. With Shape of the World, it was there but I couldn’t put my finger on it because it was obviously not the same band as the memories I had.

Initially, I thought it had a sound of the more ‘commercial’ Metallica tracks. Yes, you heard that right, I just compared Far Suns Fall with one of the most successful bands on earth. The fact that it wasn’t quite what I was looking for does nothing to detract from the comparison. This is a great track.

But it wasn’t quite the comparison I wanted and I believe comparisons are important so that others, reading reviews like this, have a handle on what the band is about and whether it would be to their taste of not.

It eventually came to me and it was exactly right. There was a period when I was recovering from a serious operation where I was doing quite a bit of running as part of my physiotherapy. I listened to the same album over and over again as I ran because it was a great album. Shape of the World could have fit on that album without any problem at all. It had the same cadence, the same great arrangement and the same style. A classic four piece, with brilliant balance and very high quality production.

The album was Audioslave – Audioslave. I am comparing these guys to that supergroup.

Yes I am.

You know why?

Because I don’t give a fuck.

It’s that good.

I can’t wait for the album. I might take up running again so I can keep listening to it properly.

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