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Engine Rooms
The Venue – Engine Rooms Southampton Southampton’s Mo’Club became Engine Rooms after a complete rebrand and renovation of the venue in December 2014. The Mo’Club has operated in Southampton, first and foremost as a roller disco, but also regularly playing host to a variety of live performers, including Bastille, Mallory Knox, and Devin Townsend Project. [...]read moreVenue Review – Engine Rooms, Southampton
Fun Loving Criminals Engine Rooms Southampton
The band performed at The Engine Rooms in Southampton on the fourth date of their 16-date UK/European tour. Straight away, the three guys show you their prowess on their instruments. It says, “Hey, here we are, look what we can do, what you’re about to experience. Get ready.” Let me say here that FLC don’t do covers. Well they do.....and then they don’t. It’s a cover but not as we know it. The FLC reinvent the song. I strongly suggest you get your arse of the sofa and get down to see them. You will NOT be disappointed. The musicianship is awesome, participation and interaction between the band and the crowd outstanding and the performance just exceptional. What are you waiting for?
Calpÿso  is a 22 year old multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Salisbury, based in Oxford. I would have called Calÿpso the reincarnation of Alanis Morisette, but being that Alanis is still alive, that seems a little contumelious. Instead Calÿpso could be the beautiful lovechild of Jack Jones and Alanis Morisette. There, that’s better. Calÿpso performed at the [...]read moreCalÿpso at the Winchester Gate
Hailing from Norwich (the only other thing of note to come from Norwich is ‘The quiz of the Week with Nicholas Parsons ;) ), Milli Manders and the Shutup are Millie Manders – Vox/Alto Sax/Uke Lewis Slater – Guitars Matt Munford – Bass Alessandro Vitiello – Drums Nick Onley – Tenor Sax George Alan – [...]read moreGig Review – Millie Manders and the Shutups