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Engine Rooms
The Venue – Engine Rooms Southampton Southampton’s Mo’Club became Engine Rooms after a complete rebrand and renovation of the venue in December 2014. The Mo’Club has operated in Southampton, first and foremost as a roller disco, but also regularly playing host to a variety of live performers, including Bastille, Mallory Knox, and Devin Townsend Project. [...]read moreVenue Review – Engine Rooms, Southampton
Calpÿso  is a 22 year old multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Salisbury, based in Oxford. I would have called Calÿpso the reincarnation of Alanis Morisette, but being that Alanis is still alive, that seems a little contumelious. Instead Calÿpso could be the beautiful lovechild of Jack Jones and Alanis Morisette. There, that’s better. Calÿpso performed at the [...]read moreCalÿpso at the Winchester Gate
The 1865 is Southampton’s major music venue, located in Southampton’s city centre and with a capacity of more than 750 for standing only gigs, over 500 for club nights, 225 seated for comedy or 300 seated theatre style. Inside space with stage and dancefloor viewable from two bars and large mezzanine, featuring the a sound [...]read moreVenue Review – The 1865, Southampton