Track review – Keep Me There, Luna Blue

We love Luna Blue on Bands on Demand and we’re always excited when we get an email from them to say they have a new track released.

Here’s what the guys said about their latest release.

 The eagerly awaited next single ‘Keep Me There’ from Luna Blue is set to be released on July 28th. With an alluring start into a bouncy dance-y chorus, Keep Me There will keep you listen-ing. 

The track is about feeling trapped in a negative head space which you feel you can’t escape from. ‘I’m a billionaire in a currency of loose ends’ 

Luna Blue are going to promote the single through their socials in the form of competitions and the chance to win a pair of limited edition Keep Me There socks. The way people can win this is through pre-saving the Spotify link and screen shot it onto Instagram story and tag Luna Blue to be entered or by sharing onto their walls and story on Facebook. 

The band are going to debut their single live on Instagram on Thursday 27th at 8pm. 

In the past we’ve compared the guys to Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran (see our review of Tropical here), but the guitarism (yes, we did just make that word up) gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling of Vampire Weekend.

The first riff draws you in and a haunting vocal beckons you in closer. The PR is right, the chorus does make you feel like bouncing.

I still hear the New Wave 1980s influence which again, is no bad thing. New Wave was an extremely successful genre and for me, Luna Blue should be massive.

We insist on it.

Check out the bands feeds on the links below and give them a follow and a good listening to. You deserve it (and so do they): 

[email protected] 

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